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Are You


Struggling with your weight? Frustrated with unwanted habit?


Bothered by phobias and fears? Suffering from grief and loss?


Experiencing health problems? Unfulfilled professionally?


Emotionally EMPTY? Disappointed in relationships?


Unknown blocks holding you back from something you want to achieve?


Curious about and wish to be inspired by your past life time experiences?


You CAN claim your ideal life through hypnotherapy or even more!


"Lightbreeze hypnotherapy and systemic constellation is here to help!"

























We would be a great fit if:


You want an open-minded, nonjudgmental, neutral person that you could unload to.


you are motivated and excited about improving yourself.


you’re looking for an effective way to accomplish your goals.


you’re open to looking deep within yourself.


I am passionate to assist people achieve their personal growth, solve their mysteris, get past blocks and release their potentials to live a meaningful and fullfilled life!


Contact me for a free consultation, there is no obligation to go ahead, but lets meet and have a chat, see if we are a good fit.

Lightbreeze Wellness Consulting


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