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Lightbreeze Wellness Consulting Inc. 
Daisy Song


participated a master degree program of counselling psychology and got myself trained by different great teachers from different healing aspects around the world inluding Bert.Hellinger who developed family constellation, Dr. Brain Weiss who was famous for past life regression therapy, and Linda Campbell, a great hypnotherapy teacher etc. I decided to work as a registered clinical hypnotherapist at the end, which allows me to combine all of those inspiring work and skills I have learnt from these great teachers. 


Worked as an overseas public relationship manager at a big  international company before, I set up lightbreeze wellness consulting inc. amming to provide a vaviety of healing services for people in need. Apart from helping people with different goals such as phobias, unwanted habits, anxieties, physical pains, grief and loss, spiritual growth and much more, I also organize workshops, learning groups that continuously inspire my clients and myself.


Excepting for offering individual sessions to my clients, I also organize free learning groups and translate books, My goal is to keep creating precious access and opportunities for people to learn, and keep spreading healing work to as many people around the word as possible. 


Lightbreeze Wellness Consulting


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