Frequently Asked Questions

Can everyone be hypnotized?

Can everyone be regressed?

What results can I expect from my session?

How many sessions do you suggest?

Do you do regressions with children?

How long is a session?

Is a past life regression the same as a psychic reading?

Do you need to achieve a deep level of hypnosis to experience past life regression?

Are all problems helped by past life therapy?

What happened to our conscious minds during PLR? How could someone have some concepts that only appeared in his/her later life times during a PLR experience?

Why do we reincarnate?

Do all souls reincarnate?

Can there still be communication with a loved one if that soul has reincarnated?

Do souls reincarnate immediately?

Can souls “split”?

What is the role of physical health?

What is the relationship between dreams and past life memories?

Is there a difference in the evolution of the soul and that of the body?

What do you think about parallel lives?

Where do the souls come from if there are more people on earth now than ever before?

What if my soul mate is no longer in my life?

Do animals have souls?

How do you view suicide?

What is the relationship between destiny and free will?

What results can I expect from my session?

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