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Why PLR Therapy?


I was formally trained by Dr.Brian Weiss in PLR , a famous pioneer psychiatrist who is the first one in the word formally use hypnotherapy to access to PLR experiences and resolve a variety of issues including unexplainable symptoms, anxieties, phobias, depression etc. From who I learnt not only about combining my counselling skills with this spiritual work but also realized that above all wonderful skills, what really matters is a humble and caring attitude towards others and ourselves specially. We soften ourselves and everything around us become softer. That is probably the most powerful component make therapy therapeutic.


I also have been really impressed by the effects and inspirations resulted from PLR therapy. Some irritable symptoms disappeared miraculously, inspiring realization about current issues, new perspectives towards life...


My work has been continously showing me and my clients that PLR is a very effective and inspiring therapy that greatly broadens the application of hypnotherapy and offers very profound and direct solutions that are often above our imaginations and understandings.   So I am passionate to work with those who are open and ready for past life regression therapy.                                                                          

Lightbreeze Wellness Consulting


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