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What Happends Before And During a Hypnotherapy Session?


I offer a free consultation before any treatment as an oppotunity for you to get to know more about hypnotherapy or other approaches I may choose to work with too. This is also an oppotunity for both of us to get to know a little bit more about each other and help us decide if we are a good fit. In a ses­sion, I lis­ten to your issues and desires for change. Some­times a talk ther­apy such as voice dia­logue is also facil­i­tated for you, to help you get clear on feel­ings and agen­das of the sep­a­rate parts of your selves. So it is possible that we both decide not to choose the approach of hypnotherapy directly for one or two sessions, or even not at all!


In a hypnotheray session, you will never loss your consciousness, or loss control of it, You will never say anything conflict with your conscious mind during a trance state. your conscious mind will still be at work somehow like a guard standing at the door of a catstle while your subconscious mind is having a tour inside the catsle. This means you can always choose the extent to which you would like to accept the suggestions or even choose to get out of trance. I bring you into a trance and sometimes describe a med­i­ta­tive visu­al­iza­tion jour­ney, weav­ing in your goals and desired changes. Sug­ges­tions for improved behav­ior are made and anchored in your con­scious­ness, and you emerge from the trance. The changed behav­ior and new habits are expe­ri­enced in daily life, some­times imme­di­ately and some­times gradually.


Addi­tional tech­niques, such as family constellation or PLR will not be automatically applied unless its necessary and you are totally ready and open to that. Clear explaination and discussion will be made when we both decide to go for these additional techniques. 

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