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What to Expact?


People will respond to hypnosis differently. For some it feels like they are basically sitting there with their eyes closed. This is the case for people who are more analytical in nature. Others will feel some interesting sensations like heaviness or "spaciness". Others will feel like they have had moments of dropping off to sleep.


However, it is important to remember that how "deep" you are is irrelevant. I will ensure you are in a suitable hypnotic state to take in the suggestions I offer and to create the results you want.


People sometimes wonder if they will be talking in hypnosis. That really depends. Sometimes it is necessary for us to trace back where an issue stems from in which case I give you the option of talking during the session or afterwards. On other occasions you have very little to do as I will be guiding the session.



Some people respond to hypnosis right away.

Others respond to some of the suggestions but some areas of their goal need more attention. Others feel like they are not responding but they are having insights that help us to identify other areas related to their goal that we need to address.

It's hard to predict exactly what will occur after a session---but part of the fun is observing how your subconscious chooses to apply the suggestions and how it delivers additional insights to move you forward with your goal.



IF after a few sessions you are not getting noticeable results, I move on to finding out why not. Sometimes there is a subconscious reason why a person is stuck and at this point we will do some deeper work to identify what that is.

I never take a person back to relive any traumas but instead help you to understand how past experiences are still impacting on you



If you notice your results "fading" that's when you should call and rebook. It may be just one more session to get you back on track.

Most people will get permanent results within 4-8 sessions.Some people require follow up whereas others will notice that their results are permanent. 

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